Collaboration as a Service

Discover the smarter way to grow your business with our Collaboration as a Service model. Seamlessly integrate with our highly skilled in-house team and enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of a tailored, pay-as-you-go approach. We have an integration via Slack or Teams, receiving your requests and while minimizing risks in the development process.

Our on-demand approach allows you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate with our skilled in-house team

  • Avoid long-term commitments and minimize risks

  • Access expert assistance when you need it

Benefits of our flexible pricing model:

  • Tailored to your unique needs and budget

  • On-demand approach, acting as an 'extended arm' for your business

  • Maximize value and reduce costs compared to full-time hire

Three easy steps to begin. No risk, no hassle. Cancel anytime.

1. The Meetup

First, let's Meet n' Greet. Visit us at our HQ in the heart of Stockholm or connect remotely. We'll discuss your needs and explore how we can best serve your business.

2. The Onboarding and Integration

We conduct a short onboarding with your team to understand your tech stack, architecture, and infrastructure. Afterward, we dedicate a Slack channel, ensuring smooth collaboration from day one.

3. On-Demand Assistance

Need extra eyes, expert advice, or a helping hand? We're here for you. Just ping us on Slack, and we'll provide guidance or hands-on support. We offer time estimates and work efficiently to address your needs.


Let's schedule a call

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